Three major changes in football rules

The International Football Federation (FIFA) is working on improving football rules. According to the vice-secretary, three new changes are being tested in junior tournaments.

1. Previously, the goalkeeper, performing a pass after a free kick from the penalty, had to give the ball to the player who is out of the penalty area. Now FIFA has allowed the goalkeeper to give the pass to the partner, even if he is standing within the penalty area.

2. FIFA is going to change the timing of the replacement. The referee will have the right to indicate to the replaced football player any place on the perimeter of the field where he can leave the field. This innovation significantly reduces the time that is wasted with the help of replacements.

3. Yellow card will be intended not only for players on the field, but for coaches, players on the bench and other officials. Now arbitrators immediately remove coaches for improper behavior, and can show a warning in the form of a card.

Football rule changes in recent years

Football rule changes in recent years