Guide on Abaddon: How to Play This Hero?

Abaddon on his warhorse, easily swinging his sword looks at least creepy. Especially if such a composition runs right on you. Abaddon does not have any clearly expressed abilities, just a little bit. But now you will find out not about one role of this character but about an attempt to disperse this very character so that it runs, it hits everyone quickly and prevents anyone from escaping anywhere. This knowledge will be of use to use when betting at So, let's start.

What Should You Know to Start Playing?

To begin with, you need to buy everything that is recommended by the standard tab "Initial Items", it is perfect for such a character. And thanks to Aphotic Shield, you can safely go to a complex line alone, and at the same time also farm, getting precious coins. If the enemy interferes very hard, then you can and should assemble the Soul Ring, which will allow you not to feel the limitations in mana, which means that you are constantly under the cap of the second skill. Armed with this knowledge, you can stand on the line, gain experience and especially do not climb into a fight. Gradually collect Phase Boots, thereby starting his insidious plan to accelerate himself.

According to Abaddon abilities, if you are still offended on the line, then it’s better to increase the level of Aphotic Shield, if it is warm and comfortable for you, feel free to swing the Curse of Avernu. The first skill, Misl Coil is better not to touch, as it helps either to finish off the evader, or to save an ally, but we seem to have already decided to be very fast and very cool.

The Path of the Immortal

After Borrowed Time is received, gradually we collect Sange and Yasha, thereby making our character even faster, while at the same time increasing survival rates. And the ability of the artifact to slow down enemies will work fine with Curse of Avernu, leaving the enemy less and less chance to escape. After that, you need to decide specifically for yourself and for this particular game exactly what you will miss. If, despite the speed and abundance of defensive abilities, you are simply killed by spells, then feel free to assemble Black King Bar.

If you do not have enough mana or the enemies still somehow manage to run away, then you can collect Eul's Scepter of Divinity, further dispersing yourself-loved and at the same time get the opportunity to send enemies into the air. If you really like to run, hit, and get hit on a steel face - then you can collect Eye of Skadi, which will improve all your characteristics at once, including the slowdown skill. After buying one of these items, or if the situation allows - before, we buy Drum of Endurance, which for a very small price gives a lot of things, and even everything. Almost as under communism, and even if you want to press.

By this time, your character will run almost at maximum speed, while diligently slowing down everything that moves in the wrong direction. Yes, and it will be difficult to kill you too, because all sorts of shields, ults and these nasty artifacts will give a good percentage of strength, and therefore health, and at the same time increase dexterity, thereby increasing the level of protection against physical damage.